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BlewLabel® Plants

Our own home-grown brand encompassing both perennials and shrubs - ranging in container sizes from 1-Quart to nearly three gallons. In this line, you'll find more than 1000 products, including tried-and-true garden classics to the latest and greatest genetics to pass through our extensive trialing process. Everything in this family of plants is grown in our signature blue container, so you can easily find all you need from the BlewLabel® family of plants, including collections like:
BlewLabel TrueBlew Native Plants Ribbon

BlewLabel® TrueBlew™ Native Perennials & Shrubs

Plants native to a given area play an important role in the local ecology. From birds to bugs and fungi to fauna, utilizing plants that have adapted to growing in your region’s conditions is not only great for your garden, but great for the environment around you. Native plants comes in two distinct types: species and cultivar. A cultivar (short for “cultivated variety”) is a selection of a native plant that was chosen for a specific reason (like size, habit, or flower power). Our TrueBlew™ plants are species forms, which means it is closest to how this plant is found in nature and can have variations from one plant to another - just like plants in nature. Both have benefits for your local ecology, and both have a place in your landscape.
BlewBlanket Groundcovers Logo

BlewBlanket™ Groundcovers

Groundcovers from BlewLabel® - Low-growing, low-maintenance plants for filling space in the garden while adding color and texture. Reduce annual mulching expense by increasing your amount of groundcover plants, all while making your garden more beautiful and inviting.
BlewLabel Patio Living Logo

BlewLabel® Patio Living

Seasonal Color from BlewLabel® - Colorful additions to the summer patio, mixed container, or landscape. These selections are easy-to-love plants that will add a nice pop of color to carry your outdoor spaces through the heat of summer.
Autumn Additions Logo

Autumn Additions™ by BlewLabel®

Fall is for planting (perennials)! - Because late season gardening is more than mums and annuals, we have assembled a collection of hardy perennial items that both look great and will perform beyond this year.
Catepillar Candy Logo

Caterpillar Candy®

Host plants for caterpillars. Plants that have been carefully selected to entice specific species of butterfly to your garden. These are grown naturally, with no chemical pesticides used - so they are safe for those little critters to munch on. More host plants turns into more caterpillars. More caterpillars turns into more butterflies for your back yard. Targeted availability for June through August.
Bring Back the Butterflies Logo

Bring Back the Butterflies™

Milkweed and nectar sources for butterflies. Butterfly populations world-wide are in decline. We can all play a role to combat this issue by planting more of what they need - Milkweed and other nectar sources to provide them with the food and shelter they desperately need. These plants are not only helpful to butterflies, but can also be beautiful additions to the landscape around you.
Hasslefree Roses Logo

Hasslefree® Roses

Garden Roses for Everyone covering all forms and colors - from shrubs to climbers, floribundas to hybrid teas - these roses are trialed for garden success in the real world. Hasslefree® let's you spend less time working and more time enjoying. Each selection has passed through rigorous testing and trialing in the Mid-Atlantic regions to ensure an easier route to garden success with roses. If you've had trouble with roses in the past, give them another try - but this time, try a Hasslefree® Rose.
Happy Ever Appster Logo

Happy Ever Appster® Reblooming Dayliles

Hardy Reblooming Daylilies originated from the bloodline of mastermind daylily breeder Dr. Darrel Apps. These low-care beauties will deliver months of color in zones 5 and warmer with nearly zero input needed from the home gardener. Starting with the garden classic 'Happy Returns', these daylilies are the result of decades-long breeding projects to bring new colors and forms to reblooming daylilies for northern gardens.
Trophytaker Daylily Logo

Trophytaker® Premium Dayliles

The 50 Best Daylilies in the World - The perfect collection of bold flower forms, bolder colors, greater vigor, and longer bloom periods for ultimate garden performance in a low-care package. With our extensive trialing programs, we source daylilies from breeders all over the country to find selections that perform at a top level for gardeners far and wide.
Stone Cottage Lavender Logo

Stone Cottage Farm™ Lavender

Lavender For All Occasions - A fantastic array of lavender selections (both garden hardy and tender varieties) from around the world. Both hardy varieties and tender, these are great colorful additions to both the landscape and your patio!

National Brands

Chef Jeff Edibles Logo

Chef Jeff's® Edibles

A vast collection of edible plants, with a range of more than 300 different vegetables, herbs, and fruit plants - including both new genetics and heirloom varieties. Here you'll find plants ranging from pint-size containers for easy install, larger plants for quicker impact, patio-ready containers for smaller gardens, and great gift items targeted for key spring holidays.
Proven Winners Logo

Proven Winners® Perennials & Shrubs

A brand that needs little introduction, Proven Winners® has been at the forefront of plant breeding for more than twenty years. In both the perennial and shrub world, we aim to bring the best of what this brand has to offer for our customers. By working closely with the breeders themselves, we put their newest selections through trials to ensure that only the best of the best are part of our offering.
Bloomin'' Easy Logo

Bloomin' Easy® Perennials & Shrubs

A unique collection of cutting-edge plants that offer maximum garden impact while taking minimum gardener input or care. If you're looking to beautify your backyard but don't want all the hassle, Bloomin' Easy® needs to be part of your landscaping plan.
Endless Summer Hydrangea Logo

Endless Summer® Reblooming Hydrangeas

A wonderful collection of hardy reblooming mophead Hydrangeas. Whether you want the classic blue original or something newer and more unique, Endless Summer® has become a mainstay in the American garden.
Knock Out Roses Logo

The Knock Out® Family of Roses

The original, often-imitated, never-duplicated, highly-disease-resistant family of roses. For nearly three decades, The Knock Out® Family of Roses are the industry standard for low-care high-impact garden roses.
Drift Groundcover Roses Logo

Drift® Groundcover Roses

Unique rose selections that form a lower profile than nearly all other roses. Their groundcover habits, bold and bright colors, and disease-resistant habits make this a great choice for low-growing color in nearly any sunny spot.
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